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Family Name:      Balsaminaceae  =  Jewelweed, Touch-Me-Not, or Balsam  Family
Scientific Name: Impatiens       plant name pronunciation
Common Name: Impatiens

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Distribution:  About 500 species widely distributed, particularly in the tropics and subtropics of Asia and Africa; annual, or perennial herbs or subshrubs.


Hardiness Zone:  USDA Zones 9-12       (view USDA zone map)

Size:   1-2 ft. by 1.5 ft.

Form:   Frost-tender annual.


Stem/Bud:   Stems are erect, succulent, hollow, stiff, glabrous, branching and brittle.

Leaves:   Leaves are ovate to elliptic, coarsely serrated, waxy and smooth.

Fall Color:   

Flower:   Flowers are red, but hybrids are pink, white, purple, orange and with or without eyes; flowering June, July, August, September, to frost. They are singular or double, open-faced, irregular, flat, spurred, 3/4-2 in. wide and borne in leaf axils or on terminal racemes.

Fruit:   Fruit are five-valved, hairy, 3/4 in. long, glabrous capsules.






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