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Family Name:      Araceae  =  Arum  Family
Scientific Name: previous scientific nameAglaonema next scientific name      plant name pronunciation
Common Name: Chinese Evergreen
1  Aglaocomu_AAA01_Apr22
2  Aglap_AF01_Nov21_6452
3  Aglap_LF07_Nov21_6454
4  Aglap_LF06_Nov21_6453
5  Aglap_LF03_Jul8_7119
6  Aglap_LF04_Jul8_7120
7  Aglap_LF02_Jun22_4105
8  Aglap_LF05_Aug8_1693
9  Aglap_PR01_Aug8_1708
10  Aglap_PR02_Aug8_1701
11  Aglap_PR03_Aug8_1705
12  AglapWhiteLance_AF01_Jun2

                 Aglaonema  =   Chinese Evergreen      (Unit 075)   

Picture Notes:  Picture 11 is Aglaonema cv. White Lance.

More Information:                                

Distribution:  About 21 species in tropical Asia.


Hardiness Zone:  USDA Zone 10       (view USDA zone map)

Size:   1-5 ft.

Form:   Tender perennial.


Stem/Bud:   Stems erect or creeping and rhizomatous.

Leaves:   Leaves lanceolate to oblong, with sheathing petioles.

Fall Color:   

Flower:   Flowrers with a Spathe, stalked, ovate, greenish to yellow. Spadix not united with the spathe, cylindrical to club-shaped, covered with unisexual flowers, with a few female flowers on the bottom.

Fruit:   Fruit an orange, red, or white berry.





Notes:   Aglaonema commutatum is the most commonly cultivated species with many cultivars.

Notes 2:   

Notes 3:   


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