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Family Name:      Liliaceae  =  Lily  Family
Scientific Name: previous scientific nameTrillium  nivale  next scientific name      plant name pronunciation
Common Name: Snow Trillium, Dwarf White Trillium
1  Trillniva_AF04_Mar28_8124
2  Trillniva_AF05_Apr2_8303
3  Trillniva_AF01_Apr7
4  Trillniva_AF02_Apr12
5  Trillniva_AF03_Apr12
6  Trillniva_LF01_Apr7
7  Trillniva_LF02_Apr7
8  Trillniva_OF01_Apr7
9  Trillniva_OF03_Apr7
10  Trillniva_OF05_Apr7
11  Trillniva_OF06_Apr7
12  Trillniva_OF08_Apr7
13  Trillniva_OF09_Apr7
14  Trillniva_OF10_Apr2_8304

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Distribution:  Western Pennsylvania to Minnesota, south to Missouri and Nebraska.


Hardiness Zone:  USDA Zone 5       (view USDA zone map)

Size:   6 in.

Form:   Herbaceous rhizomatous perennial and wildflower.



Leaves:   Leaves ovate to elliptic, to 6 in. long, with obtuse tip.

Fall Color:   

Flower:   Early flowering in mid March to early April, often buried in snow. Flowers erect, white, to 1.5 in. long, on 2 3/4 in. strals.

Fruit:   Fruit are 3-celled berries.

Uses:   Great rock garden plant for alkaline soil.


Culture:   Grows best in gravelly sandy, alkaline soils, with no leafmold.


Notes:    Dwarf, early April flowering Trillium. Often locally rare and endangered. Grows in crevices of limestone rocks or at their base; and in gravelly sandy, alkaline soil on the highpoint of a floodplain or riverbank (not in hard clay)..

Notes 2:   Native to Michigan.

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