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Family Name:      Bromeliaceae  =  Bromeliad  Family
Scientific Name: previous scientific nameCryptanthus next scientific name      plant name pronunciation
Common Name: Earth Star
1  Cryptanthus_AF01_Feb2
2  Cryptanthus_AF02_Feb6
3  Cryptanthus_AF03_Feb6
4  Cryptanthus_OF03_Feb4
5  Cryptanthus_OF04_Feb4
6  Cryptanthus_OF06_Feb4
7  Cryptanthus_OF07_Feb6
8  Cryptanthus_OF10_Feb6
9  CryptanthusbiviPinkStarli
10  CryptanthusbiviPinkStarli
11  CryptanthusbromTricolor_A
12  CryptanthusbromTricolor_A
13  CryptanthusGreenStar_AF01
14  CryptanthusGreenStar_AF03
15  CryptanthusGreenStar_AF04

                 Cryptanthus  =   Earth Star      (Unit 075)   

Picture Notes:  Pictures 9 to 10 are Cryptanthus bivittatus cv. Pink Starlight.
Pictures 11 to 12 are Cryptanthus bromelioides var. tricolor.
Pictures 13 to 15 are Cryptanthus cv. Green Star.

More Information:                                

Distribution:  About 20 species in Brazil.


Hardiness Zone:  USDA Zones 10-11       (view USDA zone map)

Size:   2-10 in. by 6-10 in.

Form:   Tropical rhizomatous perennial.


Stem/Bud:   Stems are short or stemless.

Leaves:   Leaves are green to red to patterned, simple, dense, linear, stiff, spreading and wavy. Leaves are 2-18 in. long by 1-2 in. wide, spiny margined and in flat rosettes. Leaves have a star-like form.

Fall Color:   

Flower:   Flowers are white or green-white, inconspicuous and clustered on small heads which nest in center of the rosettes of the leaves.

Fruit:   Fruit are small, dry berries.

Uses:   Use in containers, as house plants or in greenhouses and conservatories. Outdoors use as groundcover, in rock gardens or plant on limbs of rough bark trees.

Problems:      Scale and root rot.

Culture:   Grow in part-shade in organic, well-drained soil.


Notes:   Usually with flattened rosettes of leaves.

Notes 2:   High light.

Notes 3:   


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