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Family Name:      Juncaceae  =  Rush  Family
Scientific Name: previous scientific nameLuzula  acuminata  next scientific name      plant name pronunciation
Common Name: Hairy Wood Rush
1  Luzulacum_AF01_Jul10
2  Luzulacum_AF02_Jul10
3  Luzulacum_AF03_Jul10
4  Luzulacum_LF01_Jul10
5  Luzulacum_LF02_Jul10
6  Luzulacum_LF03_Jul10
7  Luzulacum_AF04_May12
8  Luzulacum_LF04_May12

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Distribution:  Canada, south to upland Georgia, and west to Illinois and South Dakota.


Hardiness Zone:  USDA Zone 4       (view USDA zone map)

Size:   1 ft.

Form:   Perennial rush.


Stem/Bud:   Stems (culms) are wiry and clump-forming.

Leaves:   Leaves are flat, grass-like, soft and edged with long, silky hairs.

Fall Color:   

Flower:   Flowers are grey to gold-brown.

Fruit:   Fruit are usually seed-like grains.

Uses:   Use near pond edges, in bog gardens or in shallow water.


Culture:   Grow in full sun to part-shade in fertile, organic, moist soil.



Notes 2:   Native to Michigan.

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