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Family Name:        Vitaceae  =  Grape  Family
Scientific Name: previous scientific nameAmpelopsis  brevipedunculata  next scientific name      plant name pronunciation
Common Name:   Porcelain Ivy, Porcelain Ampelopsis
1  Ampelbrev_AF01_Oct8
2  Ampelbrev_AF02_Oct7
3  Ampelbrev_LF02
4  Ampelbrev_LF01b_Oct6
5  Ampelbrev_OF01_Oct26
6  Ampelbrev_PR03
7  Ampelbrev_PR05b_Aug26
8  AmpelbrevElegans_LF02
9  AmpelbrevElegans_LF03_Jul
10  AmpelbrevElegans_LF04_Jun
11  AmpelbrevElegans_LF05_Jun
12  AmpelbrevElegans_LF06_Jun
13  AmpelbrevElegans_PR02b_Oc
14  AmpelbrevElegans_PR19_Oct
15  AmpelbrevElegans_PR24d_Se
16  AmpelbrevElegans_PR22_Sep

Picture Notes:  Pictures 8 to 16 are Ampelopsis brevipedunculata cv. Elegans.

More Information:                                

Distribution:  Northeastern Asia.

Synonyms:  Ampelopsis brevipedunculata is sometimes listed as Ampelopsis heterophylla.

Hardiness Zone:  USDA Zones 4-8       (view USDA zone map)

Size:   Vigorous, climbing vine clinging by tendrils, growing 10-15 ft. tall, possibly up to 25 ft.

Form:   Deciduous vine.



Leaves:   Leaves are alternate, simple, 2 l/2 - 5 inches long, 3-5 lobed, similar in appearance to grape leaves.

Fall Color:   Fall color is non-existent.

Flower:   Flowers are greenish, borne in long-stalked cypmes in July, insignificant.

Fruit:   Fruit is a berry, l/4 - l/3 inch in diameter, pale lilac to yellow and finally to bright blue, very beautiful with a porcelain-like finish, ripening in Sept.-Oct. Berries are probably poisonous.

Uses:   Screen with support, specimen.

Problems:   Click here   to view problems.   Berries are probably poisonous.



Notes:    Cult. since 1870.

Notes 2:   

Notes 3:   


                 var. maximowiczii  =   Lobed Porcelain Ivy, Lobed Porcelain Ampelopsis
                                 [ Leaves more deeply lobed with 3 to 5 lobes(species usually 3
                                  lobed and rarely 5).<BR> Very vigorous. <BR> Sometimes
                                  listed as Ampelopsis heterophylla or Vitis heterophylla.<BR>
                                  From China, Japan, and Korea. ]

                 *  'Elegans' =   Variegated Porcelain Ivy
                                 [ Smaller leaves that are variegated with white and greenish or
                                  yellowish white; pinkish tinged when young.<BR> Not as vigorous
                                  as species, and supposed to breed true from seed. ]

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